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Our technology lets you verify the banking identiy and acquire banking transactional data of your customers

Cutting Edge Technology

Connect-secure codebase is clean and uses advanced & secure scraping technology compared to other providers. Connection and validation duration is often less than 10 seconds.

Premium Support

Our engineers are able to provide prompt support with a ticket resolution  KPI of maximum 24 hours. Integration usually takes no more than 2 weeks with support from our dedicated team.

Continuous Innovation

We continuously strive to improve the aggregation technology by innovative methods. No additional integration is required on your end, as updates will automatically take place.

Multi Use Functionality

Connect-secure has various areas of use, ranging from acquiring transactional data, to verifying customer identity or validating customer’s income.

Connect-Secure Financial Aggregation API

Verify Your Customer’s Bank Identity.
Connect-Secure validates accounts and retreives transactional bank payment history of your users in a secure and efficient way. Using our API, you can develop superior applications while being backed up with a highly secured and cutting edge data aggregation technology.

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Our Clients

Connect-Secure works with 14 financial institutions in 7 countries to provide these firms with tailored services of data aggregation. 4 of our clients use our technology only to verify the identity of their customers. 7 of our customers use our services to score their customer’s repayment propensity with the retrieved transactional data. More features will be included offer our clients a broader range of aggregation solutions.

Available Markets

Connect-Secure has integrated with major banks in 7 countries, capturing 90% + share in these markets including United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and United States. New markets are included to our portfolio every month, as our operations continue to grow.


Our strength is a unique aggregation software robot designed by our developers. The robot uses screen scraping: a process in which content from the customer’s bank-screen is automatically harvested with their consent and approval. In early 2017, Connect-Secure has improved its technology that enabled accessing to a customer’s bank account, validating their identity, acquiring details about account transactions in less than 10 seconds overall.


Connection credentials are not stored in Connect-Secure database in any circumstance. Since security is of paramount importance to our operations, customer credentials are encrypted with highest degree of security level, -AES/Rijndael with a key size of 256, and they carried through the secure connection to the bank’s screen. Credentials are decrypted in a fraction of a section, and is immediately expired after the connection is established, ensuring that they can never be reached or captured by harmful software or people.

Our Full List of Services

ID Verification

Connect-Secure can verify customer identity in two methods. The most common method is to access to an area in the banking panel where customer’s identity details, including their address is shown. This data is cross-matched with the address provided by the firm.

Account Balances

Connect-secure can access to three main feature of an account balance, which are actual balance, available balance and overdraft limit (remaining and full). Some of our clients prefer to access only this information rather than transactional information of the account. In such circumstances, response times are often below 5 seconds.

Account Information

Account information includes the owner identity of the account, as well as additional information such as account type, account activeness, creation date and joint-account details. Such information is valuable for clients that want to ensure account belongs to their customers.

Transactional Data

For most banks, our technology can access to 12 months’ transactional data. Disclosing all sensitive customer related information, we encrypt and securely store this data in our servers for further analysis on behavioural prediction or risk score calculation.

Categorical Clustering and Analysis

Our software engine can successfully categorize transactions into 40+ categories, which help performing a multitude of analysis for behavioural prediction or risk and fraud scoring. Categorical clustering also yields in segmenting the customers into one of our 60 behavioural segments, some of which are: Frequent e-shoppers, diners, gamblers, etc.

Salary Verification

Income pattern detection is one of the most critical aspects of Connect-Secure technology. Our algorithm successfully acquires information relating to salary amount, frequency and can identify whether customer has left the job within the past several weeks through behavioural analysis of transactions.

Risk Scoring

Risk scoring is extremely valuable in lending decisions. Connect-Secure has developed several machine learning techniques including but not limited to classification, regression trees (CART) and logistic regression models for the estimation of propensity scores on customer’s repayment probability / risk of default.

Fraud Scoring

Certain transactions are associated with fraud-risk. Our machine learning algorithm picks transactions based on their amount, frequency and description, and signals to our clients of a potential fraud risk for their consideration.

Who we are?

Financial institutions, like all other client-centric companies, must respond more quickly to innovation. The Fintech boom has created new opportunities for existing operators to take advantage of new technologies, partner with new entrants in the market and increase efficiency. With this philosophy in mind, we have established Connect-Secure with a team of 10 developers, with our data-centre and private servers are based in Iceland. We provide state-of-the-art online financial and identification data reports based on innovative real-time technology that provides information on the financial status of your customers.

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